Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thai Town/East Hollywood

Don't forget to try Thai desserts

El Gran Burrito
4716 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles - (323) 665-8720
Exceptional taco stand that belongs in the pantheon. Asada, pastor, carnitas, extremely fresh. Not for nothing does J.Gold compare these to crack cocaine.

Kruang Tedd
5151 Hollywood Blvd, 667-9800
Hilarious Thai nightclub with teenage bands playing soft rock. Bar-style food is actually really good, especially banana leaf chicken.

4905 Santa Monica Blvd, (323) 662-9325
Pseudo-fancy Lebanese Armenian in Little Armenia of all places. Great kefir/sour cream and hummus.

Palm Thai
5273 Hollywood Blvd.; 323/462-5073
Elvis aside, the food is really very good here in my experience. Unusual specials are the best bet such as citrus-y fish maw salad - will try venison curry on my next trip.

Ruen Pair
5257 Hollywood Blvd: (323) 466-0153.
Thai Chinese, basically on par with Yai as the best restaurant in Thai Town. Try the rice soup/congee with side dishes such as pork and olives, kangkong/morning glory, salty crab and other treasures.

Sahag's Basturma
5183 Sunset Blvd. (323) 661-5311
Small Armenian deli with legendary cured meat (basturma = pastrami). Try the sandwiches.

Sanamluang Cafe
5170 Hollywood Boulevard (323)660-8006
Wonderful noodle house open late - great prices and tasty flavours. Everything a Thai noodle house should be.

5132 Hollywood Blvd.; (213) 662-1017
Innaresting, Thai food for Latino immigrants on Hollywood strip. Generous servings, a worthwhile cultural collision.

5757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 462-0292
My favourite Thai Town joint! Salt fish specials, kickin' papaya salad, pork leg that will leave you speechless with delight.

Yai Noodle
5401 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
Outstanding noodles from the folks who brought you Yai. Soups with rich beef/anise broth, and pan fried classics.

Zankou Chicken
5065 Sunset Blvd., (323) 665.7842
Everyone in L.A. must try Zankou at least once. The garlic sauce and roast chicken will bring tears to your eyes. A close second to Pollo a la Brasa.

Cafe Tropical
2900 W Sunset Blvd (323) 661-8391
Silver Lake cubano pressed the old-school way. Also cafe and pastries.

4156 Santa Monica Blvd Los Feliz (323) 661-5350
Kao sod noodle is a delightful peanutty curry dish, Silver Lake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cafe Tropical is also famous for its killer coffee ("liquid crack," according to my addicted friend). It's intense and awesome, and goes well with the specialty cheese & guava pie.

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