Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Torrance and Gardena

1033 Gardena Blvd., 310-323-9112
This is what a Hawaiian cafe should be. Magnificent plate lunches with all your usual favourites. My top pick for Hawaiian fare - you won't be hungry for days.

1747 W Redondo Beach Blvd - (310) 323-3966
Handmade udon is a rare thing, this is the place for it. Eat it soup-less with small amount of dipping sauce. Todai plaza is a great place for Japanese food!

Akane Chaya
1610 W REDONDO BEACH BLVD, (310)768-3939
Japanese Italian, an endlessly amusing fusion in Gardena. Pasta with tobiko/flying fish roe is just the start.

Back Home In Lahaina
17311 Yukon Avenue, (310) 523-3373
Likeable Hawaiian joint in Manhattan Beach. You can't lose with pork stewed in those dark leaves they always use in lau lau.

3566 Redondo Beach Blvd - (310) 352-4037
Best soul food in L.A. by popular vote (me and many Chowhounds). The greatness goes beyond fried chicken, chicken with dumplings and oxtails also beyond compare.

Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi
2015 W Redondo Beach Blvd - (310) 329-1335
Gardena ramen house with the milky Kyushu broth. Absolutely incredible compared with normal ramen standard. This is the best I've had. Also try silly snacks like croquettes and fried chicken gristle.

Housenka Yakiniku
1601 Redondo Bch Blvd., (310)323-4129
Yakiniku is Japanese version of Korean barbecue. Tongue is great, but other meats also exceed the standard for local yakiniku. Of course, this is the Todai plaza.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
1258-C West Redondo Beach Blvd., (310) 630-5868
Chain, but good place for your Hawaiian fix. Who can resist lau lau? Gardena.

1725 Carson St., Suite B, Torrance, 310-787-7344
Torrance izakaya that's the best in town according to my researches. Drink yourself silly but also eat the terrific Japanese bar snacks that are crazy inventive. Grilled tongue and spaghetti swirled around in a giant Parmesan block are highlights. A must-try.

16525 S Western Av, Gardena, 310 532 9348
Amazing handmade white soba (sarashina soba) at Otafuku, made with buckwheat flour imported from Japan. Impossibly rare and irresistible.

El Rocoto
1356 W Artesia Blvd, Gardena 310-768-8768
Not quite in the league of the North Hollywood kings, but a good Peruvian option in South Bay. I enjoyed the classic Peruvian breakfast ham sandwich, butifara, made with the "jamon del pais". For drinks, the maracuya/passionfruit is good.

1644 W Carson St Ste B, Torrance, (310) 787-0787
Another hyper-specialized LA Japanese restaurant, Komatsu is a high-end tempura bar. $50 set menu is expensive but worthwhile, best dishes include amazingly tender squid and large chunky sweet potato. Sea salt, yuzu salt and matcha/green tea salt, what's not to like?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

also recommend Sanuki no Sano (sp?), really quality japanese restaurant on western next to the toyota dealership.

also would like to second Chaya Akane, the fusion italian is tasty, light, healthy. stay away from the curry though

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to recommend Gaja (on Lomita and Hawthorne) They have wonderful Okonomiyaki.

2) Susie's Kitchen - Authentic Taiwanese cruisine

3) Sushi Cal - speechless. Cheap, big, best spicy tuna you'll ever have.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for mentioning Kotohira, I just went there today and fell instantly in love with those perfect noodles. MMMMMMMMMM. :)

I liked Musha and Hataka Ramen too.

I can't seem to find either Akane Chaya or Otafuku though -- I drive around Western/Redondo Beach Blvd three times a week and I *still* can't locate those two. Help! :/

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to Otafuku the other day - it is very hard to find, but it's on Western and the cross street is 166th. It's in the brick building with a very small sign that says Otafuku. It's on 16525 S Western Ave. in Gardena. The kuro buta and tamago (egg) appetizer dish is just like in Japan.

2:09 PM  

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