Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mar Vista; between Venice and 405

also see Taco Trucks of the Westside

El Sazon Oaxaqueno
12131 Washington Place, 310-391-4721
Basically a panaderia with restaurant attached. Famous tlayuda/Oaxacan hubcap-sized "pizza" crisp tortilla that is head and shoulders above competition - with guacamole!

Mi Ranchito
12223 W Washington Blvd - 310-837-1461
Veracruz! An uncommon regional style. The chilpachole soup is really good.

El Abajeno
4515 Inglewood Blvd: (310) 390-0755
Giant Mexican American servings for the people. This place is Filling with a capital F and not too bad. Culver City.

Empanadas Place
3811 Sawtelle Blvd, (310) 391-0888
Argentine empanadas with exotic fillings! A tremendous little spot on Sawtelle at Venice. Try the Amazonian one.

Taqueria Sanchez
4541 S Centinela Ave, (310) 822-8880
Best taqueria on the Westside, need I say more? Also great tortas but the taco meats alone and salsa bar with keep you dancing.

4502 Inglewood Blvd, Culver City 310 915 0426
Handmade tortillas rule at Tacomiendo, surprisingly good Mexican fare on the Westside.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Empanadas Place is awesome. Just remember to bring cash.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous journeys said...

you know about dinah's off sepulveda and centinela on culver city/LA border? try that place out its soooo good and always under 10 bucks a person.

3:29 PM  

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