Tuesday, November 23, 2004

West LA

also see Taco Trucks of the Westside

Zankou Chicken
1716 S. Sepulveda Blvd #101 310-444-0550
Everyone in L.A. must try Zankou at least once. The garlic sauce and roast chicken will bring tears to your eyes. A close second to Pollo a la Brasa. [Now Zankou is on the Westside, and the chicken is still for real!]

Mama Voula's
11923 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, (310) 478-9464
Awesome Greek place for meze-type dips, mains like sausage and octopus, desserts, coffee and friendly service. For once, the Westside wins... fancier than Papa Christos but still cheap.

12130 Santa Monica Blvd, (310) 442-9000
Persian recommended by my driving instructor. Really good kebabs, pollos (rice dishes) and stews, ghormeh sabzi (fenugreek) and fesenjan (walnut and pomegranate) are winners with tah dig (crispy rice). My favourite Persian spot even over the Westwood contenders.

11407 Santa Monica Blvd, 310 477-1061
24hrs dive strictly for 3am only, when the matzo brei is actually appropriately filling and bad in a good way.

12217 Santa Monica Blvd, (310) 820-9787
Everyone loves Echigo, except for California roll-liking sushi neophytes. $10 lunch special needs no further advertisement but omakase at bar is transcendent experience.

11619 Santa Monica Blvd- (310) 312-1079
Oaxacan with a down-home atmosphere and toothsome moles. Recommended.

Kabob and Chinese Food
11330 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles - (310) 914-3040
Hilarious Persian Jewish versions of Cantonese American food. Not very good, but a real L.A. experience!!! Get Persian rice with your stir fried slop.

Manoly's Bakery
11771 Santa Monica Blvd, (310) 473-0622
Panaderia with lunch specials. Avoid American fare and tuck into some giant handmade tortillas in the taco special - barbacoa is good.

Monte Alban
11927 Santa Monica Blvd - (310) 444-7736
Oaxacan fare with no lard = points off. Still a nice little spot for the less adventurous.

Terried Sake House
11617 Santa Monica Blvd - (310) 477-9423
Izaka-ya/Japanese pub with nice grilled and cooked fare.

11500 Santa Monica Boulevard (310) 207-5555
Fancier Persian place with excellent stews in particular, though kashk-e-bademjan is better elsewhere. Up there with Darya and Shahrezad as the best of a very good bunch in L.A.


Anonymous FoodZilla said...

Polla Inka is no more - replaced by an ill reviewed (by Chowhounders) bar b que joint.

Echigo no longer advertises the $10 lunch (listers say its now $11 and they are hungry). Still I like that fresh fresh fish but partner is grumpy about ambiance or lack of it.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Xericx said...

Darya is good? Uggh, I had a horrible meal there. Is it really worth a second try?

I went to Monte Alban got their Black Mole chicken. Very tender chicken, but the Mole was lacking in flavor versus Gueleguetza when I had it.

12:24 AM  
Blogger peruvianfoodmaniac said...

Best Peruvian Food so far is in Redondo Beach, found this site by accident www.pollogrill.net nothing compare to anyone in Gardena or Los Angeles, this one is real peruvian food, I'm no gringo I'm peruvian so I know what I'm talking about.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

must recommend yokohama, corner of barrington & ocean park. b4 it was a terrible and depressing ramen joint, now, WOW!
ramen joint is now very good, next door is japanese fusion, quite good. generous servings and tasty. recommend the yokohama steak (?), steak with wasabi and seaweed "paper" in the middle. YUM!

1:26 AM  
Blogger The G Manifesto said...

good data sheet

8:00 PM  
Anonymous philip j said...

note to everyone: all the good restaurants in west LA are not just on santa monica blvd! someone else post something!

ill start off by saying theres a place called dinah's on the border of west LA and culver city where sepulveda runs into centinela (centinela is going east/west right there, not north/south), and theres a mexican restaurant right next to that too. oh ya and paco's tacos is daannnkkk too, really good, one on sepulveda and manchester and the other's on centinela and venice. try 'em out!

1:33 PM  

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