Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thai desserts

When in Thai town, don't forget dessert! Across the parking lot from Ruen Pair - next to Palms Thai - is a Thai dessert cafe with fine housemade Thai desserts and packaged sweets from many lands. You'll find that preserved durian is a shadow of its pugnacious fresh predecessor; pang chi (fried taro thingies) are great, though I haven't compared the kanom krok (coconut milk cake fried in a special pan with golf-ball sized holes) to the tasty versions served w/green onion at Wat Thai temple and the parking lot of Silom Thai supermarket on Hollywood Blvd. Also, there is a cool dessert spot called Kamon [= dessert] Thai that's further east on Hollywood closer to Sanamluang and Vim.

BHAN KANOM THAI [next to Palms Thai]
5271 Hollywood Blvd.,Hollywood, CA 90027
(323) 871-8030

BHAN KANOM THAI #3 12714 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605 Tel: 818-255-3355
Giant North Hollywood branch with some unique features - dim sum for one.

KANOM THAI RAM 2 - this one is in Counter Intelligence I think
5185 Hollywood Blvd.,Hollywood, CA 90027
(323) 667-2055
Thai taco is an amazing hard shell thingy about the diameter of a coaster, folded in half, spread with something alarmingly like a thin layer of Miracle Whip and cradling tendrils of eggy orange sweet filling.

Wat Thai temple weekend hawker centre w/kanom krok stand
12909 Cantara, North Hollywood (Roscoe @ Coldwater Canyon)

Kanom krok stand in Silom supermarket parking lot (weekend only?). Great for $2 breakfast.
5321 Hollywood Blvd


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