Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Culver City east of 405

also see Taco Trucks of the Westside

Joe's Universal Restaurant
323-299-4511 5766 Rodeo Rd
Jamaican spot for your ackee and saltfish fix.

JR's Barbeque
3055 S. La Cienega Culver City, 310) 837-6838
The dude's friendliness is exceeded only by his barbeque, it's the real deal and generous. Rib tips are awesome.

Cafe Brazil
10831 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, 310 837-8957
Brazilians sure love grilled meat. Give me the Saturday feijoada, the national dish of pork and black bean stew, even if it is low on offal.

Tito's Tacos
11222 Washington Place, 310.391.5780
Hard shell tacos, 1960s style. I actually liked it.

Versailles (Venice)
10319 Venice Blvd, (310) 558-3168
Everyone knows about Versailles, the Cuban chain. Oxtails are actually better than the famous chicken.

Asian Kitchen
10406 Venice Blvd., (310) 559-9644
Pakistani Indian on Venice Blvd. Haleem (meat and grain paste) and butter naan are great.

10855 Venice Blvd. (310)559-8891
Good quality Mexican burritos and soft tacos on Venice Blvd.

Gloria's Cafe
10227 Venice Blvd, (310) 478-5259
Solid Salvadoran on Venice Blvd.

India Sweets and Spices
9409 Venice Blvd (310) 837-5286
What a find, a real Indian grocery store with chaat counter on Venice in Culver City! Don't miss puris, giant puff = chana bhatura, classic idli sambar and masala dosa. Street food for almost no cash, highly highly recommended.

Johnnie's Pastrami
4017 Sepulveda Boulevard, 310.397.6654
Pastrami sandwich and jukebox that plays the wrong songs in Culver City. Famous pickles. Open late and worthwhile.

La Dijonaise
3233 Helms Av, Culver City, CA 90232, (310) 287-2770
French in Culver City. Rabbit, veal sausage.

Mediterranean Gourmet
10863 Venice Blvd, (310) 842-8291.
Syrian Venice Blvd hangout for the community. Tasty rice and meats.

Tacos El Camaguey
10925 Venice Blvd - Los Angeles, CA. 310-839-4037
Fantastic tacos and best of all - cubanos and media noches (Cuban pressed sandwiches) in a supermarket. I love to come here!

10200 Venice Blvd. Culver City (310) 204-5500
Some "South Asians" claim that this South Indian spot is better than Woodlands, and it's certainly a rare outpost on this side of town. I only tried the lunch buffet which wasn't a fair comparison with made-to-order Tamil and Andhra pancake-like things. Still, the smallish saucer-sized dosa, fluffy idli, copious yoghurt and large array of dishes are a good value and quite tasty. Rasam (spicy tomato/lentil stew) and pale green coconut chutney are especially good. Kulfi and tea included!

Grand Casino
3826 Main Street, Culver City 310.202.6969
A nice little Argentine bakery with el cheapo empanadas, only $1.85. Chicken is best, also grab some alfajores/small caramel filled cookies.


Anonymous Pete said...

Mediterranean Gourmet has sadly gone. Its replacement is a tandoori restaurant that I have yet to sample.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asian Kitchen has amazing food but the establishment is shady. Sometimes you wonder if the cook is an assassin. If you call during lunch hours, expect your phone call unanswered and never drop by without calling first. Sometimes the place is completely deserted. Shady!

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4135 Sepulveda Blvd, between Washington and Culver....Absolutely divine Burmese food. Naan to die for. Amazing authentic Indian-Asian Fusion. Facinating to dine on a Friday night and see the wild diversity of the Muslim community. Hallah.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous ellen said...

India Sweets and Spices is a place that I'd been to 3 times with 3 different people, all of whom agree with me that the ladies behind the counter are the Indian version of the soup Nazi, only they're silently MEAN and RUDE. The food is dirt cheap, yes, but it is also SUPER GREASY. I much prefer the place about a mile west on Washington, Bharat Bazaar (11510 W. Washington Blvd.), where the owners and their son are all about sharing their love for people and food. Furthermore, Bharat Bazaar doesn't have nearly half the grease that India Sweets uses to cheapen their stingy foods. Bharat Bazaar is inexpensive as well, and significantly cleaner, too!

7:57 PM  

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