Tuesday, November 23, 2004

East San Fernando Valley

DJ Bibingkahan
13760 Roscoe Blvd Van Nuys: (818)894-5688
In Panorama City Filipino ghetto, a turo-turo/steam table joint. I liked the pigs blood stew dinuguan, plus they had the exotic soda Sarsi!

El Criollo
13245 Victory Blvd - (818) 508-0865
Tremendous Van Nuys Cuban, far better than Versailles. Check out giant Montuno Cubano combo platter.

Mami King
14650 Roscoe Blvd # 12 (818) 891-8581
Prototypical Filipino noodles and buns in Panorama City. Dirt cheap and stereotypically great.

Pho 999
6411 Sepulveda Blvd - (818) 782-1999
Van Nuys close to Ranch 99 supermarket. Acceptable quality pho.

Rubin's Red Hots
15322 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks; (818) 905-6515
Van Nuys Chicago style hot dogs just off 405 North.

Sri Siam
12843 Van Owen St. (818) 982-6161
North Hollywood Thai town stalwart, one of LA's great great mini mall restaurants. A true gem.

Tama Sushi
11920 Ventura Blvd. (818) 760-4585
Studio City sushi row, with fine fish including some rare ones like kohada.

Wat Thai (Thai temple)
12909 Cantara St North Hollywood: (818) 997-9657 weekends only
Papaya salad, kanom krok, e.t.c. at the true Motherlode of L.A. Thai eating. Weekends in the parking lot with the Thai homies, beauty contests and karaoke. One of the greatest food adventures in Los Angeles.

Sunshine Thai

13212 Sherman Way, North Hollywood 818-764-6989
Yet more Thai deliciousness. Great pork 'n pig ear salad and a delicious seafood medley called "Shallow Sea". For the people!

Kyushu Ramen
15355 Sherman Wy. Van Nuys, (818) 786-6005
The milky long-simmered broth with firm ramen noodles is yours in this rather un-Japanese neck of Van Nuys. Good n' tasty with fine cha shu/pork slices, plain shoyu is also worthwhile.

Swan Restaurant
12728 Sherman Way, North Hollywood. 818-764-1892
Check out the golden rice salad and deep fried trout with house special spices at Swan. They are two of L.A.s most essential Thai dishes.

Krua Thai
13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, (818) 759-7998
My favourite Thai noodles in LA. I feel confident you will love anything from the noodle menu (and most of the other dishes too) but try the dry version of the General's Noodle for a stunning mix-travaganza that rivals the finest bibimbap.

Las Quenas
(818) 764-3962, 12708 Sherman Way
Great great ceviche and lomo saltado in the Thai ghetto. As you'd expect from the 'hood, this is an awesome Peruvian restaurant for Peruvian folks.

El Hatuchay
12853 Sherman Way North Hollywood, (818) 765-9907
I've eaten a lot of Peruvian with my good friend Alvaro. We have found El Hatuchay to be our favourite, the classics like ceviche, lomo saltado and papa ala huancaina are fabulous here. One day I would like to try the very rare carapulcra which they have not had on our visits.


Anonymous Das Ubergeek said...

A couple of other ESFV suggestions for you (all dirt cheap, of course!)

Krua Thai, Sherman and Ethel -- fantastic pad Thai.

Bua Siam, Sherman and Coldwater Cyn -- khao soi and the Incredible $2.50 Snack Menu, all big enough to be meals.

Pho 999 has a branch on Sherman and Coldwater Cyn. I prefer Pho So 1 on Victory and Sepulveda right next to 99 Ranch.

Las Quenas Peruvian, Sherman and Bellaire -- ceviche.

Skaf's Lebanese Grill, Laurel Cyn and Oxnard -- absolutely anything but especially anything on the daily specials menu.

Top Falafel, 6424 1/4 Coldwater Cyn -- $3.50 for a ludicrously good falafel sandwich.

Pa' Comer, Vanowen between Vineland and Tujunga -- exactly what you expect from a working-class taco shop.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

Thanks das ubergeek. I've only just read your comment in detail and have independently found my way to Krua Thai and Las Quenas with excellent results. Will post on these when I have time.


12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add to the mention of Rubin's Red Hots, don't just go for the hot dogs. The buffalo wings are incredible. Get them extra spicy with an extra side order of the spicy sauce. Excellent.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just happened upon your blog while looking for info about raffi's place in glendale... i live in the bay area now but was reminiscing about raffi's with a friend earlier.

anyway, i wanted to recommend an argentinian place in van nuys.

mercado buenos aires
1642 sepulveda

DELISH! they have a deli, bakery, and a store as well as a sit-down restaurant. home-made sausages. mmmm.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, what can I say?

Just 'thanks!'

9:18 AM  

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