Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Taco glossary

Disclaimer: I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH! Click here for a longer disclaimer.

Taco trucks have some of LA's finest Mexican food, but they can be intimidating to the novice eater. Most proprietors speak good English but it is impractical to bombard them with questions. This glossary is designed to help a non-Spanish speaker read the menu at a taco truck and broaden her or his horizons by trying unfamiliar dishes. Please click on the following categories, and don't forget "gracias mi amigo":

Meats (Carnes)
Drinks (Bebidas)
Extras, ingredients and useful words


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was wondering, how do you open a taco truck? whats the first thing you need to do?????
young entreprenuer in IA

7:01 AM  

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