Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Brodard II

Brodard II at 647 Valley Blvd in Alhambra is the sister restaurant of the very popular Brodard in Garden Grove, I believe both restaurants have been mentioned here and by J.Gold. Limster, Spoony Bard and I headed there on the recommendation of Melanie Wong - yet another confirmation of her chowhound greatness. It was some of the best Vietnamese food I've had, perhaps others can compare with the Little Saigon locale [note: some Chowhounds derided the Alhambra location, but I stand by my findings. Have not yet tried the Garden Grove one]. We ordered way too much, it's good value and Limster suggested the Atkins-esque approach of taking the starches and reheatables home. Highlights:

Claypot chicken rice. Excellent chicken which was rapidly devoured. Many diced vegetables and roast pork in the rice.

Banh xeo. Fried pancake with prawns, wrapped into lettuce leaves with mint, basil &c. Superb!

Spring rolls with pork balls. Very popular appetizer, contains a crispy fried something in the middle for textural contrast. Tremendous.

Hanoi style char-grilled pork with bun. Not the familiar bun where one mixes the vermicelli with vegetable fixings and throws in the nuoc cham. This one gets the lettuce leaf "burrito" treatment. Outstanding.

Broken rice with assorted stuff. I'm no expert but the broken rice texture was terrific, and the fish cake, peppery steamed egg, shredded pork, and grilled pork top-notch.

Many exciting drinks as per tradition! I like the soda with pickled plum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Broddard in Garden Groove is better- the produce fresher, the food less greasy- although the one in Alhambra is tasty. If you can, make the trip to Garden Groove, it's well worth it.

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