Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ruen Pair

A note about Ruen Pair. There's a section at the end of the menu titled "Rice Soup Ala Carte". This is a Thai-Chinese meal centred on a big ol' bowl of communal congee/jook/rice soup, in the plain not-too-watery Cantonese style. Accompanying dishes in this menu section include those recommended by Sandra W., plus some other great ones such as salt fish salad style (excellent) and preserved turnip fried with eggs into an omelette. It seemed like the sweet spot in the menu to me.

One more note about Ruen Pair. The popular morning glory or water convolvulus is perhaps better known as kangkong or ong choy - my favourite vegetable! No fermented shrimp paste to lift it into transcendent Malaysian fare, it's solid Cantonese/Thai stuff. Eat the chillis, it's tastier that way.

052805 Ruen Pair update.
Shared a great meal with Jim Leff and Tom Armitage of the Chowhound board here. Learned what a difference it makes to order the right thing, last time I was here I chose the dishes I like at Yai (such as pork leg with chilli and garlic) and was upset that Yai's versions were so much tastier. We had a bowl of rice soup and:
Ground pork with Chinese olives. Revelatory flavour from the pointy black olives which are preserved but not in a way that tastes anything like the Western olive (are they even the same species???). This dish is heavenly.
Morning glory with chilli.
Fried egg with salty turnip.
Like a mini omelette, the turnip shreds make up a lot of the dish and are actually kinda sweet. Plainer than the other dishes, a welcome contrast.
Green papaya with salty crab, hot requested. Almost inedibly spicy, as bodacious as the Thai temple version when hot is requested. I love the fermented tasting salty crab and ended up eating a lot of this.
Fried egg salad. Jim wanted this and it was exactly what one expected, a fried egg topped with fish sauce and Thai salad fixin's. Awesome.


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