Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Jerk Pit

Were one to rank the seduction potential of restaurant names, "Jerk Pit" (occupying the former Coley's Kitchen at 4335 Crenshaw) would surely approximate the nadir. Are the cooks the same as Coley's? As Rick Springfield might say, the point is probably moot, because the food is pretty great.

I didn't try the jerk chicken - any expert opinions re: grilling woods, sauce &c. would be welcome - but the long-simmered oxtails were terrific and the curried goat was steeped in enough spice to fuel one's chi for some hours afterward. Unfortunately, they don't have ackee and salt fish, even on weekends (Wi Jammin at 5103 Pico still makes it but had run out when I was there).

My favourite grapefruit soda is available of course, and for yuks one can say "I'll have some of dat Ting" to the counterperson.

Beef pattie is chili-hot and good. Crust thicker and flakier than the ones I had at Kensington Mkt in Toronto, rendering the sometime coco bread sheath less important (I did spot a pile of flat buns atop the warming oven so one might ask).

If your sweet thing likes the Jamaican fare you will find satisfaction at Jerk Pit.


Anonymous Lee from Jamaica Travel and Culture .com said...

Maybe you need to visit in the morning to get Ackee and Saltfish as it's traditionally a breakfast dish in Jamaica, served up with green plantain, yam, dumplings and irish (collectively know as "food").

10:53 AM  

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