Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Taqueria Vista Hermosa

A while ago pambazo de tinga fever gripped the San Francisco Chowhound.com board after the redoubtable Ruth Lafler posted about trucks in Santa Rosa and Oaktown serving this remarkable Mexican sandwich. I visited Taqueria Vista Hermosa in the Mercado La Paloma (3655 South Grand Avenue at 37th Street) and can recommend the pambaso as well as the tacos:

Tacos use handmade tortillas and are excellent. Pastor is drier than most but this serves to accentuate the deliciousness of the marinaded meat, which isn't masked by goopy sauce. Not El Taurino good to my taste but close. Pollo adobado is moist and intense, I often avoid pollo in tacos as it can be a whitebread alternative for the non-offal eater but here I'd order it again. Salsa roja is too mild and no encurtido bar, but overall a solid taco experience.

According to my limited understanding a pambaso is defined by dipping the roll in a red chilli sauce, at Vista Hermosa this is quite mild. Here it's a big ol' Mexican roll filled with choripapas (chorizo, potato) and lettuce, dunked in sauce, slathered with crema and sprinkled with queso freso. Perhaps the sloppiest of all taco truck foods, it is served with utensils at Vista Hermosa and makes for a filling and tasty meal. I wish (again) that the salsa were quite a bit mas picante, when I sampled the pambazo de tinga in Santa Rosa it was "HOT In Herre". Tinga - pork/chipotle stew - is also a superior filling to choripapas; does anyone know where to get a pambazo de tinga in LA?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Simon! Although I love being "the redoubtable Ruth Lafler" I think most of the credit for the pambazo craze goes to Melanie Wong -- it was she who first wrote about the pambazo de tinga in Santa Rosa and sent me on my quest. Good luck on finding them in LA. Ciao!

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