Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Taco glossary: dishes

Bisteck encebollado = steak and onions [literally “onioned”]

Burrito = large tortilla wrapped around meat and beans (sometimes rice).

Cemita = sandwich from city of Puebla near Mexico City. Sesame seed roll, meat (often milanesa or breaded steak), avocado, chilli (chipotle, ideally), cheese and papalo when in season.

Chile relleno = stuffed chilli peppers

Clayuda = Oaxacan specialty, a giant thin crispy tortilla topped with pork fat and black beans plus meat and condiments.

Memela = Oaxacan dish, a thick tortilla with bean paste, cheese and meat

Quesadilla = two tortillas grilled till crispy with melted cheese and meat inside

Sope = small but thickish soft tortilla topped with meat and extras

Taco = small soft tortilla with meat, onions, cilantro, salsa on top

Tamal/Tamale = Cornmeal (masa) sometimes with filling cooked in corn husk or banana leaf

Tlayuda = clayuda

Torta = sandwich, generally on softish Mexican bread. Often contains beans.

Tostada = hard flat tortilla often topped with seafood, guacamole

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