Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Chabelita's Tacos
2001 S. Western Ave.; (323) 734-0211
Reliable taco stand open late. I like the greasy tortas.

Guelaguetza Koreatown
3014 W Olympic Blvd, 213-427-0608
Renowned Oaxacan giant does not disappoint. Should be on almost anyone's top ten list of Mexican, as this is hard to find in other cities. Marimba band adds zest to the incredibly complex moles.

Kobawoo House
213-389-7300 698 S Vermont Ave #109 Los Angeles
Mungbean pancake of legend is well worth a trip. Also try the classic dol sot bibimbap in stone bowl with mountain vegetables.

Ma Dang Gook So
869 S. Western Ave (213) 487-6008
Gook soo = handmade noodles in delicious variety of soups. One of J.Gold's favourites and rightly so.

Mandarin House
3074 W. Eighth St., (213) 386-8976
Jajiang mein (minced pork and sweet soy paste sauce) with hand pulled noodles, what's not to like?

Pollo a la Brasa
764 S. Western Ave.; (213) 382-4090
My favourite roast chicken in L.A. and that's saying a LOT. Peruvian style with giant wood pile next door testifying to its greatness. On a traffic island with little atmosphere but who cares, it's the best in town!!!

Sa Rit Gol
3189 W. Olympic Blvd.; (213) 387-0909
Right there with Chung Ki Wa as the Koreatown destination of choice. Absolutely killing barbecue with pork belly a highlight. Best panchan/small dishes in town according to the experts.

Texis #2
698 S Vermont Avenue - 213-387-8890
Salvadoran chain for that pupusa fix.

BCD Tofu House
3575 Wilshire Blvd (@Kingsley, (213) 382-6677
Soon tofu house that's open late. Great quality and large panchan selection (side dishes, free) with grilled fish a highlight.

Chung Ki Wa
3545 W Olympic Blvd, 323 737-0809.
Great great Korean barbecue and exotic Korean dishes. Try skate wing for adventure! One of my top restaurants in K'town.

610 S. Western Ave., (213) 383-6789
C rating when I went which has probably improved. Rib-sticking Korean hangover-cure soups with hearty flavour. 24hours? Check.

Kang Seo Myun Oak
3033 W. 6th St., LA 213-382-1717
Naeng myun palace for lovers of the cold buckwheat noodle. Perfect for a hot summer's day or any other day for that matter.

Shik Do Rak
2501 W Olympic Blvd, Phone: (213) 384-4148
Great Korean barbecue w/rice sheets called duk to wrap your meat in. Seafood pancake is greasy and filling. Highly recommended as a variation on the classic theme, great dipping sauces.

Soot Bull Jeep
3136 West 8th Street Los Angeles Phone: 213.387.3865
Charcoal makes all the difference to flavour at Soot Bull Jeep. You will smell like you've survived a forest fire, it is a deeply atavistic pleasure. Galbi/ribs can be scissored off the bone by the waitresses, bulgogi and tongue also excellent.

2716 W. Olympic Blvd #104, Koreatown 213-380-3737
Wonderful soon tofu/soft tofu stew and a spendid spicy raw crab dish. You'll want to extricate every morsel.

950 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 388-3042
What a treat, multiple-small-dish Korean banquets with wonderful attention to detail. Stuffed "bosam kimchi" is famous but I also loved simple things like grilled scallops and fatty steamed pork. An essential LA restaurant.

Han Bat
4163 W. Fifth St., (213) 383-9499.
Who said this blog was a big waste of time? A commenter recommended this very good sul lung tang/beef soup place, and I really liked it. Essentially a one-item menu but the bone-milky soup is hearty and good, as attested by satisfied slurping throughout the room.


Anonymous Tiff said...

Hi Simon,

Great recs. Try Sokongdong at Olympic and Vermont for soon tofu. Better than BCD. Han Bat for sul lung tang. It's on 5th at Western across the street from Carl's Jr. Also El Taurino for awesome tacos at Hoover and 1st.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Simon said...

Thanks for the tips Tiff, I'll definitely try these out! El Taurino is one of my favourite taquerias, it's in the Pico-Union page.

Happy eating,


10:15 PM  
Blogger h said...

i like:

san (mountain cafe in english) on 8th and catalina - its a hole in the wall but they have amazing abalone jook and sam keh tang (chiken rice ginseng soup) and they are open 24 hours.

cham soot gol on olympic and 4th ave. another korean bbq place over coals. service is very friendly, they also have the thin rice cake and wasabi/vinegar radish to wrap your meat in. They are more known for their marinated galbi though.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Definitely one of the best soon tofu (soon dobu) houses in LA is Beverly soon tofu. The ban chan is terrific, the kim chi fresh and the soon tofu to die for. Despite not having a fried fish, it still outruns BCD

4:41 PM  

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