Tuesday, July 05, 2005


In a corner of Culver City/Mar Vista that feels teleported from East LA, Tacomiendo (4502 Inglewood Blvd 310 915 0426) rubs shoulders with a branch of Taqueria Sanchez and the Mexi-American stalwart El Abajeno. After receiving the following note about the cunningly named restaurant [I believe "esta comiendo" = I'm eating], I was keen to try it out.

The best authentic Mexican-style taqueria I've found in the Culver City area is Tacomiendo. Wonderful juicy flavorful meat, homemade corn tortillas, and a nice full salsa bar. My friend from the Yacatan calls it "a national treasure." :)

Mixed messages upon entering. Crowd of local homies includes a friendly Mexican-American woman who says she eats here all the time, but "no lard" sign is disturbing. The proof is in the eating:
Albondigas. Generous serving of splendid meatball soup, the meatballs are herb-y and plentiful and the soup has a rich tomato base gussied up with chillis. Handmade tortillas are a highlight, much softer and thicker than storebought. One could make an excellent meal of tortillas alone at the salsa bar that is plentifully stocked with mild and caliente sauces plus frijoles bucket and encurtido.
Plato de asada. Not what I would have ordered for myself but flattened, well-done steak is tastily marinaded. One could sample the steak in taco form, add an enchilada and a tasty, not-too-squishy chile relleno for an absurdly reasonable $6.95 in the Super Plato.
Chancla. Not that I'm a foot fetishist but it's hard to resist shoe-based antojitos (see Garcia Bros taco truck notes). Chancla is slipper, which here means a tortilla filled with black beans and topped with salsa rojo. A nice surprise and addition to my galaxy of maize variations.

Give Tacomiendo a try if you're keen to find quality Mexican on the Westside - a rare commodity. A big shout-out to "h" for the tip.


Blogger Arv said...

There's another Tacomiendo at the corner of Gateway and Pico, hidden amongst a herd of auto repair shops. Good, too, though I need to explore the menu a little more! Also, can't beat the value of their $1.75 (sm) / $2.25 (lg) smoothies!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went here yesterday with some co-workers and was impressed by the food. The burritos are huge, and the chicken salad I had a really good.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous GN said...

I've heard some good reviews on this place—some of them rave reviews, at that. My wife and I might go try it tonight, actually.

Btw, "Esta comiendo" actually means "he/she is eating." "I'm eating" would be "estoy comiendo." =)

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I practically lived off that restaurant for the couple years I lived right by it. Their burritos are killer.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Clarence said...

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