Thursday, November 25, 2004

American -

Choose from the following types of American food:

Jewish Deli and Bagel
Soul Food


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a BBQ tip for you -- There is a place on LaBrea, just south of Wilshire (at the corner of ninth to be exact) called Greece's BBQ, that is easily the best BBQ in LA. Don't let the "C" rating scare you. (the C has to be for the sooty grime that covers the smoke pit) It is a real pit BBQ place, with the meat slow cooked over a REAL wood fire. Skip everything on the chalkboard menu, and go straight for a slab of pork ribs for 20 bucks. Smoke-y Goodness. I am from the south, where BBQ is a religion, and I have to say that These ribs blow anything I have ever had out of the water. The only caveat is that it seems to be run by a curmudgeonly older fellow who works slow. If there are 2 people in line in front of you, you could be in for a half hour wait. You might even be tempted to leave, but the smell and the meat simply won't let you. The sauce is simply the best I've tasted (sweet with a touch of whiskey, perhaps?) The side items are a bit lame (potato salad and beans that taste like they are from smart and final) but lets face it, You didn't come here for the sides. A slab will feed 2, but if you are like me, you'll get a slab and eat it for 2 meals. Some people may swear by BBQ King, located at Sunset and Fig which ain't too bad, but Greece's simply slays the King.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try Pacos Bill in Glendale, its on Victory Blvd in between Western and Sonora, fantastic pulled pork, beef, turkey sandwiches drenched in their mouthwatering sauce. Small hole in the wall establishment, been there since the 60's. Sometimes when no one is looking, i like to drink the sauce straight from the cup.

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