Thursday, November 25, 2004

American: Soul

3566 Redondo Beach Blvd torrance - (310) 352-4037
Best soul food in L.A. by popular vote (me and many Chowhounds). The greatness goes beyond fried chicken, chicken with dumplings and oxtails also beyond compare.

Uncle Darrow's
2560 S Lincoln Blvd Marina del Rey, (310) 306-4862
Marina del Rey soul and Cajun, the friendliest restaurant in L.A.? I keep returning here which is extremely uncommon, not only is their oyster loaf, etouffee and jambalaya very good, but everyone gets free gumbo samples and lots of love.

Stevie's On The Strip
3403 Crenshaw Blvd. at Jefferson, Crenshaw (213) 734-6975
Famous and superfine gumbo and soul food spot. Gumbo is loaded with fine meats and grassy file taste is irresistable. Fried chicken and fish - thumbs up. Highly recommended!!

Gumbo Shack
128 N Market St Inglewood 310-677-2993
High end gumbo spot despite low end name in Inglewood. Gumbo so good I can't distinguish between this and Stevie's on Strip. Chock full with seafood and goodies.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (Pico)
5006 West Pico Boulevard, Mid-Pico ph: 323.934.4405
Long live Roscoe's where chicken and waffles come on the same plate. A great place for the smothered food group. Stymie's Choice is chicken livers and grits to test the hardiest appetite - I finished!

2329 W 54th St, Midtown??? Phone: 323-298-9313
Excellent catfish sandwich, soft roll and crunchy seafood satisfies everytime.

Jordan's Cafe
11332 S. Wilmington Ave.; 323/566-8629
Watts soul food house with ancient hand painted menu and dreamy crisp-fried catfish with the usual delicious sides esp. mac and cheese.

M&M Soul Food
3552 West Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Crenshaw (323) 299-1302
Ignore the titters of the waitstaff when you order chitlins, this is a fine spot for absolutely enormous soul food plates. Naturally oxtails are the thing to get but other dishes consistently tasty.

Johnny Reb's
16639 Bellflower Boulevard Bellflower, (562) 866-6455
Southern roadhouse theme park in Bellflower of all places. Fun atmosphere and good food - messy chicken fried steak is hard to dislike. Giant portions and peanut strewn floor.

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