Thursday, November 25, 2004

American: Jewish Deli and Bagel

Langer's Deli
704 S. Alvarado St @ 7th, Pico-Union. 213/483-8050
Touted as the best pastrami sandwich in the known universe by many; Langer's does not disappoint. The meat is thickly sliced and has a perfect balance between crusty edges and juicy, beefy inside. Light rye is a mirror image, just crusty enough but somehow not soggy on the inside. Go for an egg cream to complete the time-capsule feel of a legendary restaurant holding its ground in a strange land.

19565 Parthenia St - (818) 886-5679
Beloved and authentic Jewish deli in Northridge. Excellent reuben sandwich.

2379 Westwood Boulevard 310.475.5771
Pricey but famous deli with good pastrami sandwich.

Nathan's Kosherland
1636 Westwood Blvd. (310) 273-0303
Whitefish salad bagel is worth a stop though not in NY league.

419 North Fairfax Ave, 323 651 2030
Questionable quality at this famous Jewish deli on Fairfax but you might see stars. I liked the mishmosh OK.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An incident with Junior's.

I ordered a Reuben's Sandwich and specifically asked the man behind the counter if he could make it "juicy and dripping with sauce"?

He said "sure". To his credit I heard him tell them in Spanish to make it that way. I commented to the two young ladies at the register that "$15.10 for a sandwich is a lot of money, it better be good." She asked if it was my first time there and "yes, it will be".

When I got home, the sandwich was dry, there was no swiss and no dressing ANYWHERE! I called and asked the girl who answered the phone if she remembered a guy commenting about the cost of the sandwich and that I hoped it was worth it. She said "Yeah, I remember you." After I told her how dry it was, she transfered me to the Carlos the manager at the time.

He proceeded to tell me that condiments are not given on the sandwich unless asked for. I asked him what does "can you make it juicy and dripping with sauce" sound like to him? He said that that sounds like I want the meat juicy.

After as much circular logic from him as I could stand, I asked him just what does one have to ask for to get a lot of sauce on the sandwich? He told me that they do not put sauce on the sandwich and that I have to ask for dressing on the side. He asked if they handed me a menu when I ordered. I said "no they did not". He then repeated that they only give dressing on the side and do not put it on the sandwich. I asked if that is the case, is it not the responsibility of the order taker to make that known to a customer who is asking for a "sandwich dripping with sauce"?

The bottom line is that he told me that I should have told them specifically how to make it and that I did not. When I told him that I would drive back with the remainder of the sandwich to show him that there was no dressing on the side or on the sandwich, he offered me "half the cost of the sandwich as a credit".

Find yourself another deli to give your business to!

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conspicously missing from your list is Roll n' rye in Culver City...check it out.

4:57 PM  

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