Thursday, November 25, 2004


A note about Thai desserts

As with my Persian page, the ratings system really breaks down in face of the sheer number of fantastic Thai restaurants in Los Angeles. Each of these restaurants has their personal classics which I've described either in my capsules below or in longer reviews. Try them all, and be thankful for our good fortune.

Wat Thai (Thai temple)
12909 Cantara St North Hollywood: (818) 997-9657 Weekends only
Papaya salad, kanom krok, e.t.c. at the true Motherlode of L.A. Thai eating. Weekends in the parking lot with the Thai homies, beauty contests and karaoke. One of the greatest food adventures in Los Angeles.

5757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 462-0292
My favourite Thai Town joint! Salt fish specials, kickin' papaya salad, pork leg that will leave you speechless with delight.

Ruen Pair

5257 Hollywood Blvd: (323) 466-0153. Thai Town
Thai Chinese, basically on par with Yai as the best restaurant in Thai Town. Try the rice soup/congee with side dishes such as pork and olives, kangkong/morning glory, salty crab and other treasures.

Swan Restaurant
12728 Sherman Way, North Hollywood. 818-764-1892
Check out the golden rice salad and deep fried trout with house special spices at Swan. They are two of L.A.s most essential Thai dishes.

Krua Thai
13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, (818) 759-7998
My favourite Thai noodles in LA. I feel confident you will love anything from the noodle menu (and most of the other dishes too) but try the dry version of the General's Noodle for a stunning mix-travaganza that rivals the finest bibimbap.

Sunshine Thai 13212 Sherman Way, North Hollywood 818-764-6989
Yet more Thai deliciousness. Great pork 'n pig ear salad and a delicious seafood medley called "Shallow Sea". For the people!

Sri Siam
12843 Van Owen St. (818) 982-6161
North Hollywood Thai town stalwart, one of LA's great great mini mall restaurants. A true gem.

Sanamluang Cafe
5170 Hollywood Boulevard (323)660-8006 Thai Town
Wonderful noodle house open late - great prices and tasty flavours. Everything a Thai noodle house should be.

Yai Noodle
5401 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
Outstanding noodles from the folks who brought you Yai. Soups with rich beef/anise broth, and pan fried classics.

Kruang Tedd
5151 Hollywood Blvd, 667-9800 Thai town
Hilarious Thai nightclub with teenage bands playing soft rock. Bar-style food is actually really good, especially banana leaf chicken.

Palm Thai
5273 Hollywood Blvd.; 323/462-5073 Thai Town
Elvis aside, the food is really very good here in my experience. Unusual specials are the best bet such as citrus-y fish maw salad - will try venison curry on my next trip.

5132 Hollywood Blvd.; (213) 662-1017 Thai Town
Innaresting, Thai food for Latino immigrants on Hollywood strip. Generous servings, a worthwhile cultural collision.

4156 Santa Monica Blvd Los Feliz (323) 661-5350
Kao sod noodle is a delightful peanutty curry dish, Silver Lake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you haven't tasted thai until you have been to Renu Nakorn in norwalk,calif 1 562 921 2124 13041 e. rosecrans. located about 23 minutes on a saturday or sunday from hancock park. rosecrans exit off 5 freeway. this is the place ed levine irene V don't tell you about. modest interior..rockin food

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bua Siam, also in Thai Gulch (Sherman Way) is very good; there is also the Thai Desserts place next to Swan...

...but for my money you just have to drive down to Garden Grove and eat at Thai Nakorn, at 12532 Garden Grove Blvd. (just east of Harbor, which is the exit from the 22).

- Das Ubergeek

8:10 PM  
Blogger buckwheatsRus said...

naraya thai, a new place on robertson just north of pico, is really good, and nice atmo too!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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