Thursday, November 25, 2004

Chinese: Teochew/Chiu Chow

888 Seafood Restaurant
8450 Valley Boulevard Ste 121, Rosemead, CA (626) 573-1888 8450
Teochew seafood palace that belongs in the San Gabriel pantheon of high quality. Don't miss Teochew dessert made from eight kinds of sweet beans 'n stuff.

Kim Chuy
727 N Broadway Ste 103 - (213) 687-7215 Chinatown
Teochew noodles with magnificent assortment of fish cakes. A great noodle shop.

Mien Nghia
304 Ord St. Los Angeles. 213-680-2411 Chinatown
Teochew noodle, the beef satay is really great.

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Blogger charity said...

Kim Ky Noodle House in Rosemead at 9014 Garvey Ave #H. There's another one somewhere in San Gabriel I think. But it's good and cheap.

1:18 PM  

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