Thursday, November 25, 2004

Korean: Barbecue

Sa Rit Gol
3189 W. Olympic Blvd.; (213) 387-0909
Right there with Chung Ki Wa as the Koreatown destination of choice. Absolutely killing barbecue with pork belly a highlight. Best panchan/small dishes in town according to the experts.

Chung Ki Wa
3545 W Olympic Blvd, 323 737-0809.
Great great Korean barbecue and exotic Korean dishes. Try skate wing for adventure! One of my top restaurants in K'town.

Shik Do Rak
2501 W Olympic Blvd, Phone: (213) 384-4148 K’town
Great Korean barbecue w/rice sheets called duk to wrap your meat in. Seafood pancake is greasy and filling. Highly recommended as a variation on the classic theme, great dipping sauces.

Soot Bull Jeep
3136 West 8th Street Los Angeles Phone: 213.387.3865
Charcoal makes all the difference to flavour at Soot Bull Jeep. You will smell like you've survived a forest fire, it is a deeply atavistic pleasure. Galbi/ribs can be scissored off the bone by the waitresses, bulgogi and tongue also excellent.

Ka-San Korean barbecue
3115 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, 818 249-550
Good quality Korean gas-fired barbecue with extensive panchan, rice sheets and radish slices for assembly. Also non-barbecue dishes, inevitable karaoke setup and post-church dressy Korean clientele for Sunday lunch.

Kim's Korean Barbeque
8384 Topanga Canyon Blvd - (818) 346-1590
Korean outpost in Canoga Park. Tasty bulgogi if in neighbourhood.

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Blogger spanishfood said...

There is a fairly new Korean restaurant in Marina del Rey, it's been a real success since they opened. The atmosphere is great and the service excellent, the prices are a little bit higher than in a Koreatown restaurant, but it won't scare you away.
Highly recomended.

4029 Lincoln Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA. 90292
(310) 578-7114

(Located in Washington Blvd./Lincoln Blvd. in the little shopping center with a Walgreens in the corner)

7:07 PM  
Anonymous RiKa said...

Wharo is extremely Americanized and non-authentic, but some may like that. May I recommend Chosun Galbi on Western and Olympic in K-town? Their galbi is absolutely to die for an unmatched anywhere in the LA area.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous cannelonius said...

i've been to almost all of these mentioned and my new favorite is pete wood bbq at 910 E garvey (monterey park or similar). a mom and pop affair that is stupid cheap, offers high quality meat, great, simple panchan (sp?) and uses charcoal. a non-precious sized plate of lean, tasty bulgogi is about $12. the meat's better than soot bull jeep and the ventilation is slightly better ;) real charcoal!! amazing! i'm not bothering with koreatown or garden grove anymore!

11:59 PM  

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