Thursday, November 25, 2004

Japanese: Izaka-ya and small dishes

1725 Carson St., Suite B, Torrance, 310-787-7344
Torrance izakaya that's the best in town according to my researches. Drink yourself silly but also eat the terrific Japanese bar snacks that are crazy inventive. Grilled tongue and spaghetti swirled around in a giant Parmesan block are highlights. A must-try.

11678 Olympic Boulevard, 310-478-3090 West LA
Wonderful japanese small dishes from simple fare like delicious lotus root to baroque like shrimp-stuffed squash blossums. Tremendous.

10914W Pico Blvd (310) 470-0014, West LA
White rice is the specialty at this Japanese place - avoid sushi and get one of the tremendous specials from the Japanese traditional menu. On Pico. Onigiri/rice ball recommended.

2068 Sawtelle Blvd., (310)444-1432 Sawtelle/West LA.
Izaka-ya with unforgettable teba-sake wings and other treats. Pork belly is unstoppable.

1644 W Carson St Ste B, Torrance, (310) 787-0787
Another hyper-specialized LA Japanese restaurant, Komatsu is a high-end tempura bar. $50 set menu is expensive but worthwhile, best dishes include amazingly tender squid and large chunky sweet potato. Sea salt, yuzu salt and matcha/green tea salt, what's not to like?

Terried Sake House
11617 Santa Monica Blvd - (310) 477-9423 West LA
Izaka-ya/Japanese pub with nice grilled and cooked fare.

Sake House Miro
809 S. La Brea, 323-939-7075 Hollywood-ish?
Worthwhile La Brea izakaya/Japanese pub.

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