Thursday, November 25, 2004

Italian and Italian-American

Bay Cities Italian Deli
1517 Lincoln Blvd - (310) 395-8279 Santa Monica
The godmother is one of L.A.'s most important sandwiches, containing a panoply of Italian sandwich meats that cannot fail to satisfy. No wonder it's a legend.

D'Amore's pizza
1077 Broxton Avenue, Westwood, (310) 208-5117
Superb thin crust pizza in the East Coast style. Beats the pants off most any pizza in Los Angeles.

Mi Piace
25 E Colorado Blvd - (626) 795-3131
Pasadena Italian, a bit fancy but I liked the pumpkin ravioli


Anonymous Isafabulous said...

bruno's in santa monica on ocean avenue.

11:24 AM  

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