Thursday, November 25, 2004

Guatemalan and Nicaraguan

Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe
2124 W. Seventh St. Los Angeles (213) 487-7474
Really a pan-Latin restaurant, Mama's offers essentially a tamale tasting menu, one of the most enticing meals a food-lover can imagine. Don't miss the nacatamal-like Honduran tamal! This place is for a good cause, but the main reason to go is to eat some of the best tamales you'll find anywhere.

Pollo Campero
1625 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste.1020: 213-201-2990
Legendary Guatemalan fast food chicken in Pico Union. No line around the block anymore but the crispy skin and spices will make you forget Colonel S. forever.

Paseo Chapin
2220 W 7th Street - Los Angeles, CA. 213-385-7420
Guatemalan classic in Pico Union. Good round-with-skin-on chorizo and marimba bands.

El Nido
Nicaraguan indo viejo is good here. They have exciting drinks.

Guatemalteca Bakery
4032 Beverly Blvd, East-of-Downtown 213-382-9451, 6am-9pm
Fight your way through the crowd for hearty Guatemalan stews with rice and beans and confusingly named antojitos/appetizers. Quesadilla is a very rich cake bread to be savoured in small quantities. This one's truly for the people, they will fill your own container with carne guisada!


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