Friday, October 08, 2004

Shik Do Rak korean barbeque #267

A Korean barbeque place, 2501 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006-2913 Phone: (213) 384-4148

Excellent barbeque that one wraps in delicate rice paper (duk) leaves - not as challenging as the assembly required for Vietnamese seven flavours of beef. The meats are mostly au naturel, with soy/citrus and subtle oil + salt dipping sauces. Grill is the domed style with George Foreman-esque fat draining hole, gas fired, waitress dumps large pile of finely cut beef rather unceremoniously on top but in minutes it will be delectable. Seafood pancake is mostly vegetables but good and greasy with occasional octopus pieces. Generous pan chan/small dishes that are replenished on request. Soothing faux stone waterfall on one wall and suit-clad Korean business clientele, as it was a school night we passed on the soju. Meal finishes with ice-cooled buckwheat noodles thicker than the naeng myun I've had before.

Another fine recommendation by "Sonia" of the Chowhound board.


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