Tuesday, November 30, 2004

International Tofu House

It was too good to be true, International Tofu House is no more. Jet out to K'town for your soon tofu fix.

Don't look now, but there is actually worthwhile food in Westwood Village. The neighbourhood I moved into with dismay a year and a half ago has Philly cheesesteaks (South St), thin East-Coast style pizza (D'Amore's) and now acceptable soon tofu at International Tofu House, 1114 Gayley at Lindbrook. Despite the name, there are no Cantonese tofu desserts, ghastly pan-vegetarian scrambles or delicate Japanese salads here, let alone tempeh or seitan (sorry, would-be Indonesian worshippers).

Small menu befitting a specialist restaurant. I tried pork soon tofu. The soup was tasty and scalding hot, it came with a raw egg and rice w/refill, and spicy meant spicy. Only four types of panchan; cabbage kimchi, cucumber, a leafy green one and a delicious nutty root that I am probably misunderestimating as burdock. The proprietors need to replace the boring green salad with more panchan, and slip that tasty melon flavoured gum in with the bill.

Overall, International i.e. Korean Tofu House is no BCD, least of all because they don't have the chewy intestine soon tofu or that great oily fish in the panchan. However, the usual "darn good for the Westside" refrain applies and business is rather slow, so pop in and support something good in your 'hood.


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