Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wa Sushi

This is well-trodden turf but I thought I may as well report my fine experience at Wa Sushi. $60 omakase included:

- Three shot glass size cups on one long dish. Herring roe in little rectangular cakes with dashi shavings; abalone in strong, dark sauce made from its innards (Iron Chef-like, surreally great); and mozuku = soft stringy kelp with quail egg. These were collectively outstanding, very tasting menu-esque.

- New-style sashimi with some white fish (?) and the citrus-y oil/soy dressing familiar from Matsuhisa/Nobu. Had a dab of tapenade on the fish! Extra delicate slices, a real treat.

- Nigiri: Salmon, mirugai, maguro, hamachi and the true gem - toro. Didn't look especially fatty but dissolved on my tongue. The tail end of winter for Ms. or Mr Tuna?

- Gigantic, oxymoronic ama ebi sliced lengthwise in shell like little lobsters, grilled with enoki, small cubes of something (squash?) and served with a beurre blanc, ikura and little red peppery berries. Fiddly but decadent and delicious, came with a warm towel.

- Crab and mushroom risotto. Matsutake season is over but this was quite delicious regardless, could have been too bland but the daikon and herb shavings on top made it fusion in a good way.

- Molten chocolate cake verging on pudding. Good quality chocolate, strawberry and kiwifruit slices.

Chefs were real friendly and the place was hopping, mix of wealthy looking Japanese folks, hipsters from West Hollywood and regular folks like us. It hit the spot for a needed splurge though if I were to do it again I might request all cooked or innovative dishes, the non-toro nigiri was good (even given Sunday-quality fish) but you can get this stuff elsewhere. Alternative desserts: pear compote or green tea flan which probably would have been very tasty. I refuse to make any choices at omakase so chef Hiro made the call on the chocolate thing. Quite a meal!


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