Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ocean Star seafood palace #268

Hong Kong-style seafood palace with dim sum recommended by Jerome of the Chowhound board and by Carl Chu's book "Finding Chinese Food in Los Angeles". 145 N Atlantic Blvd #201 south of 10 freeway before Garvey, on second floor of strip mall. Not too long a wait at 11am on Saturday.

Excellent traditional fare incl. smooth and silky har cheung (shrimp flat rice noodles) which are the Chan family benchmark for judging dim sum quality, and siu mai with delicate skin and tender filling. Large selection with many cart-borne cooking stations for noodle dishes, soup dumplings and fresh vegetables. Fine execution throughout. Some nouveau dishes such as deep fried shrimp ball on a sugar cane stick and nori-wrapped this-and-thats. Surprisingly cheap for a high-style palace at $12/head. Must try Sea Harbour for a shootout.

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